A Letter from the Chairman

Anthony Bergamo, President and Founder November 4, 2016

Dear Friends:

On behalf of each board member and personally, I welcome everyone and congratulate our award recipients.

We are completing our 29th year of service to America. The foundation has donated in excess of $16 million in 4,200 grants and 3,325 scholarships in over 300 communities and 12 foreign countries.

Howard P. Milstein, Chairman/CEO of New York Private Bank & Trust has been a major supporter of law enforcement and the foundation. As always, Howard also sponsored the VIP reception.

Warren Lichtenstein Chairman/CEO of Steel Partners Holdings L.P. again graciously sponsored the general reception.

Vincent Palagiano, Chairman/CEO of Dime Community Bancorp, has over the years been a supporter of our mission. Dime funded today's morning breakfast and awards program. Vincent previously served on our board and has always supported the foundation.

Charles Merinoff serves as Treasurer, in addition to all of his generosity, he again donated the wine for today's reception and luncheon.

David Blumenfeld, John Catsimatidis, Jaime Coulter, David Levinson, Howard Rubenstein and Zane Tankel also serve on the board. The commitment of their time and resources is beyond measure. Additionally, they each are responsible for a major fundraising effort.

I wish to recognize and thank each of our sponsors and each of the board members for their dedication and long-term support.

Brian R. Crowell, Drug Enforcement Administration (ret), Joseph A. D'Amico, New York State Police (ret), Robert Sica, Secret Service (ret), John Varrone, US Customs (ret) and George Venizelos, Federal Bureau of Investigation (ret) all serve on our advisory board. We recognize their commitment and we thank them.

I am deeply appreciative of all we have accomplished together because of your continued support.

May God continue to Bless you and this great nation.

With kindest regards.

Very truly yours,

Anthony Bergamo