New York Fire Department Members Who Died in the Performance of Duty

Battalion Chief John MoranFire Fighter Anthony Rodriguez
Fire Fighter Vincent MorelloFire Fighter Matthew Rogan
Fire Fighter Christopher MozzilloFire Fighter Nicholas Rossomando
Fire Fighter Richard Muldowney Jr.Fire Fighter Paul Ruback
Fire Fighter Michael MullanFire Fighter Stephen Russell
Fire Fighter Dennis Mulligan Lieutenant Michael Russo
Lieutenant Raymond MurphyBattalion Chief Matthew Ryan
Fire Fighter Charles MyshrallFire Fighter Thomas Sabella
Lieutenant Robert NagelFire Fighter Christopher Santora
Fire Fighter John NapolitanoFire Fighter John Santore
Fire Fighter Peter NelsonFire Fighter Gregory Saucedo
Fire Fighter Gerard NevinsFire Fighter Dennis Scauso
Fire Fighter Dennis ObergFire Fighter John Schardt
Lieutenant Daniel O'CallaghanBattalion Chief Fred Scheffold
Fire Fighter Douglas OelschlagerFire Fighter Thomas Schoales
Fire Fighter Joseph OgrenFire Fighter Gerard Schrang
Lieutenant Thomas O'HagenFire Fighter Richard Sclafani
Fire Fighter Samuel OiticeFire Fighter Gregory Sikorsky
Captain William O'KeefeFire Fighter Stephen Siller
Fire Fighter Patrick O'KeefeFire Fighter Stanley Smagaia Jr.
Fire Fighter Eric OlsenFire Fighter Kevin Smith
Fire Fighter Jeffrey OlsenFire Fighter Leon Smith Jr.
Fire Fighter Steven OlsenFire Fighter Robert Spear Jr.
Fire Fighter Kevin O'RourkeFire Fighter Joseph Spor
Fire Fighter James O'SheaBattalion Chief Lawrence Stack
Fire Fighter Michael OttenCaptain Timothy Stackpole
Fire Fighter Jeffrey PalazzoFire Fighter Gregory Stajk
Battalion Chief Orio PalmerFire Fighter Jeffrey Stark
Fire Fighter Frank PalomboFire Fighter Benjamin Suarez
Fire Fighter Paul PansiniFire Fighter Daniel Suhr
Battalion Chief John PaolilloLieutenant Christopher Sullivan
Fire Fighter James PappageorgeFire Fighter Brian Sweeney
Fire Fighter Robert ParroFire Fighter Sean Tallon
Fire Fighter Durrell PearsallFire Fighter Allan Tarasiewicz
Lieutenant Glenn PerryFire Fighter Paul Tegtmeier
Lieutenant Philip PettiFire Fighter Ronald W. Thomas
Lieutenant Kevin Pfeifer Fire Fighter John Tierney
Lieutenant Kenneth PhelanFire Fighter John Tipping II
Deputy Chief Joseph E. Piazzifire Fighter Hector Tirado Jr.
Fire Fighter Christopher PickfordFire Fighter Richard Vanhine
Fire Fighter Shawn PowellFire Fighter Peter Vega
Fire Fighter Vincent PrinciottaFire Fighter Lawrence Veling
Fire Fighter Kevin PriorFire Fighter John Vigiano II
Fire Fighter Daniel F. Pujdakfire Fighter Sergio Villanueva
Battalion Chief Richard PruntyFire Fighter Lawrence Virgilio
Fire Fighter Lincoln QuappeLieutenant Robert Wallace
Lieutenant Michael QuiltyFire Fighter Jeffrey Walz
Paramedic Ricardo QuinnFire Fighter Paul Warhola
Fire Fighter Leonard RagagliaLieutenant Michael Warchola
Fire Fighter Michael RagusaCaptain Patrick Waters
Fire Fighter Edward RallFire Fighter Kenneth Watson
Fire Fighter Adam RandFire Fighter Michael Weinberg
Fire Fighter Donald ReganFire Fighter David Weiss
Lieutenant Robert ReganFire Fighter Timothy Welty
Fire Fighter Christian RegenhardFire Fighter Eugene Whelan
Fire Fighter Kevin ReillyFire Fighter Edward White
Fire fighter Michael ReillyFire Fighter Mark Whitford
Lieutenant Richard VernonLieutenant Glenn Wilkinson
Fire Fighter James RichesBattalion Chief John Williamson
Fire Fighter Joseph Rivelli Jr.Captain David Wooley
Fire Fighter Michael RobertsFire Fighter Raymond York
Fire Fighter Michael E. Roberts